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Day 2 in Cuzco, April 3, 2011

Local time: 10:00 pm, Temperature: about 50 F - Raining (again), elevation: 11,500 ft.
location: Cuzco

Hiked through the salt mines at Maras and visited several Inca ruins today - Ollantaytambo and Pisac. The terraces are at Pisac
Off to start the Inca trail tomorrow (probably no updates until Friday).


Day 1 in Cuzco, April 2, 2011

Local time: 11:30 pm, Temperature: about 50 F - Raining, elevation: 11,500 ft.
location: Cuzco

Went to a dance show put on by Centro Qosqo de Arte Nativo. Then had dinner - Guinea Pig.


Day 1 in Cuzco, April 2, 2011

Local time: 2:51 pm, Temperature: about 60 F, elevation: 12,000 ft.
location: Sachsayhauman

After being 24hrs late to Cuzco, was met at airport, taken to hotel, quick change and cleanup. Then on to meet the group, shown at Sacsayhauman which is on the northern outskirts of Cuzco at just above 12,000 ft.

Was late as plane was delayed in Dallas due to bad weather (tornadoes and other storms in Florida).


My Day 13, Trek Day 11 on EBC Trek, December 8, 2010

Local time: 2:00 pm, Temperature: about 25 F, elevation: 17,400 ft.
location: Everest Base Camp

We made it to Gorak Shep (17,100 ft) for lunch. Then left for the Everest Base Camp hike. Cold and a bit windy. About 2 hrs to EBC at 17,400 ft.

Hiked on the Khumbu Glaceier the last 1/2 hr. Covered in rocks and gravel from Everest, Nuptse and the other peaks around. The end of the hike was at the edge of the icefield not covered by rock. This time of year there are no Everest climbers at base camp. The picture is me (wearing my REI green vest) with the Sherpas that helped me along.

You can really feel the lack of oxygen here and every step that even goes up a little is an effort.

But I made it. Tomorrow is the Kala Patar hike.


My Day 4, Trek Day 2 in Kathmandu, November 29, 2010

Local time: 4:00 pm, Temperature: 60 F, elevation: 4200 ft.
location: Kathmandu

The past 24hrs have been interesting and stressful. Yesterday, after a Skype video chat with Roberta, I ended up with a bout of food poisoning. Chills, fever up to 101, etc. etc. Started taking Cipro and Tylenol. Finally was able to get warm and sleep.

This morning (Nov. 29th) I was feeling much better and could even eat a little. Bought more Cipro at a little street pharmacy (hope it's real).

I did not go on the scheduled tour today but stayed at the hotel for some more rest. Tomorrow we fly to Lukla and start trekking.


Day 2 in Kathmandu, November 27, 2010

Local time: 8:00 pm, Temperature: 55 F, elevation: 4200 ft.

Four of us went wandering around the Thamel district. Again lots of people, lots of traffic and noise.
Interesting to see some of the (many) temples and shrines. Lots of people selling things especially near the temples. Ate lunch at the Rum Doodle, popular with trekkers and decorated. Went up on top of the hotel for some panaramic views of Kathmandu.


Day 1 in Kathmandu, November 26, 2010

Local time: 6:00 pm, Temperature: 60 F

Made it to Kathmandu. 18 hours from LAX to bangkok and then another 3 hours to Kathmandu. The flight from LAX to Bangkok was at night nearly all the way. Sun was rising as we landed. As we neared Kathmandu the Himalayas were a nice panorama on the horizon.

Glad I was met at the airport and driven to the Hotel Marshyangdi in the Thamel district. Seems to be a nice (and quiet) hotel.Lots of people walking everywhere, lots of traffic on narrow streets, no traffic lights (just traffic police) and Lots of horns honking warning the pedestrians and other vehicles.

One thing that got my attention as we drove to the hotel were the dogs loose on the streets, a lot more than I've seen running loose in the Central Valley of California.

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